Masterpiece Found At Last!

    Missing Filipino masterpiece found at last

    By Josie Dizon Henson

    AFTER A DECADES LONG SEARCH, the family of Vicente Alvarez Dizon has located his painting that won first place at an international competition in 1939 which included the works of Salvador Dali and Maurice Utrillo.

    The late Dizon's masterpiece, "After the Day's Toil," which was last seen by the family in 1952 when it was transported to the country for the Philippine International Fair, is in the possession of Dr. Rogelio Pine, a Filipino cardiologist based in New Jersey.

    Pine bought it in 1980 from Daniel Grossman of the Grossman Gallery, who in turn bought it from IBM New York when the company unloaded a number of paintings in the late 1970s.

    Dizon, of the University of the Philippines' then School of Fine Arts, painted "After the Day's Toil" in 1936 as a graduation thesis during postgraduate scholarship studies at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut.

    When he returned home, he settled in Malate, Manila, and continued to lecture at UP, the National Teachers' College, and other schools.

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